Centenary of ANZAC 2014-2018

St Saviour’s Anglican Church

St Saviour’s Anglican Church

Roll of Honour in St Saviour’s Anglican Church, Punchbowl

St Saviour’s Anglican Church Honour Roll is a beautiful carved timber monument with gilt lettering. The intricate design carved around three sides of the monument features a cross in the centre at the top; the years 1914 and 1918; an image of a rising sun; and the words “For God and Empire”. St Saviour’s Roll of Honour is located in St Saviour’s Anglican Church 1357 Canterbury Road, Punchbowl.

Below is an alphabetical list of the names on the roll of honour.

J.H. Armstrong Cunningham, R. Parris, J.
Bateman, C.J. Dolph, S. Porter, F.O. (D.C.M.)
Bateman, C.O.L. Dwyer, J, Porter, J.S.
Bellamy, G. Endicott, W.A. Porter, M.S.
Bennett, J. Griffiths, A.J. Scott, C.
Berriman, F.G. Griffiths, J.B.S. Scott, G.
Berriman, J. Hayllar, G. Slater, F.
Berriman, W. Johnsen, R.D.A. Slater, F.C.
Bolton, F.C. Marshall, J. Slater, Fred.
Brewer, H. Maugher, V. Taplin, C.J.
Buxton, H. Meredith, F.M. Taplin, H.E.
Cornwell N.L. Meredith, G. Westhider, C.O.